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Anya Epstein Headshot.jpg

Anya Epstein


I'm Anya, an artist, performer and teacher, currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BA in Theatre and Dance, concentrating in acting, performance, choreography and dance science. As a graduate of the liberal arts, I feel my well-rounded education has given me the opportunity to grow, create, and explore many aspects of the arts.

 As an artist, I am interested in bringing to life truthful characters, and exploring new ways to tell stories through movement and dance. Collaboration fuels many of my artistic endeavors as I have had the privilege to combine so many creative practices together. Through dance and theatre, I strive to tell authentic stories and create inclusive and accessible spaces. My favorite artistic role right now is dance teacher as I work with students from ages 3-18 to ignite a love for dance and to refine and aspire to new skills. 

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