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As a choreographer, I focus on personal experiences and how to share them with your audience. I encourage each dancer I work with to put their own experience into the group work being created. I believe that if you are not being authentically yourself in your work, then you are not being honest with yourself. This is something that I grappled with while finding my choreographic voice, but once I realized I needed to create work that was meaningful to me, I started to see things differently. I center some of my most recent work in the realm between full on dance choreography and performance art. I like to incorporate props, speaking, spoken audio with music clips.

I come from a background of theatre and dance, which influences how I create my choreography today. I am also influenced by the work of Raja Feather Kelly and Faye Driscoll for the way they break boundaries and encourage audience engagement. I like to question who has the right to view the dancer, how much are you exposing to the audience, and what are they getting from it. I believe that dance does not have to be comfortable, but should always spark emotion. I have studied the work of Anna Halprin and dance as healing and I believe dance can be used in that medium to express emotion. I have used dance as the embodiment of emotion and encourage others to do the same. I make choreographic work to showcase my experiences, whether they be personal or universal. The feeling of falling behind, being in a global pandemic, or feeling stuck are all universal experiences that are personal. I want to ask how we can make the universal, personal.

In the here and -

Retrospectives Concert 2021

Work created in collaboration with dancers that was inspired by the ups and downs of life. When are we and when are we not present and in the moment? How does this shift or lull affect our relationships? This piece explores our relationships as the world shifts and how we change as people move in and out of the ups and downs at different times. 

Lost in the Wash

Danceworks Fall 2021

Choreographed along side Kate McCowan

This work explored the cycles on relationships and the use of props as memories. How do our lives shift through each cycle?

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